Discover how artificial intelligence can help you:

Connect with more clients

Avoid "famine and feast"

Without buying a franchise

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Spend your time consulting, not selling

Business consultancy can be an incredibly rewarding occupation - both professionally and financially, but consultants can spend between 20% and 50% of their time looking for work - not what they enjoy doing.

This 45 minute webinar will show you how you can utilise the power of AI to make an instant impression on potential clients, and provide quality support without costing the earth.

We'll cover the following topics:

  • UK small business composition
  • How small business advice works
  • How big business advice works
  • Sustaining and affording good advice
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • A new ecosystem
  • Next steps

Even if you decide that AI isn't for you, the presentation and questions will be useful in defining your own strategy,  so book now in the window on the right for the next available session

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