Avoiding Famine and Feast

Everyone thinks being a consultant is easy - but you know it's not. Even when you have a full client book the days are long and emotionally and mentally draining.  But most consultants don't have that luxury - they spend between 20% and 50% of their time looking for more clients. And when you have a handful of clients, when one of them leaves, it's a significant slice out of your income.


The "thrill of the chase" can become very addictive - it's always exciting to think you can land that next big client.  But the truth is, the chase isn't adding any value and it certainly isn't earning you money. Clients can sense a hunter - almost as if you are walking around their offices wearing something like the gentlemen in this photo are modelling. Clients only pay you when you've delivered something - so let's work together to connect you with clients and enable you to focus on delivery. 


First impressions count, and our software will make an immediate difference to how the client perceives their company and its potential. Using that as a base from which to measure improvement, it will also help deliver focussed, sensible support using a mixture of consultancy, coaching and mentoring.


By helping you provide support in a more focussed way, and by not wasting time hunting clients, you'll be able to genuinely help many more companies bringing you even greater professional satisfaction. Moreover, those companies will be getting incredible value for money, so it's a win-win.

Who Are We?

We're a group of organisations connected using artificial intelligence to provide a framework for business valuation and support. Founded by Carl Benfield, an ex-army officer and entrepreneur we offer a blend of consultancy, training and coaching, particularly within the UK Midlands, to ensure that together, we develop the right solution AND deliver it effectively.

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