Where are you on your business journey?

Every business has specific needs, but we're all on a similar journey. So:


Goal setting is very common in most, if not all businesses.  But are your goals realistic and have they changed?  Are these goals that you have created together? Do you even know where you are now?  Having a realistic, tangible goal is like having a succulent piece of fruit in a basket - somehow you just can't help but reach for it!

Does that sound like it might refresh your business? 


Once you know where you're going, getting there is simple - right?  Wrong!

Finding out how how to plan your journey (hard though that may be) is your key to reducing fire-fighting in your business. Regularly reviewing and amending it as the business landscape changes is essential. If someone were to ask you what your strategy was, could you answer in detail?


Once you've got a decent, realistic strategy, you have to execute it.  When you're spinning so many plates at once, how do you make time to do this? Engaging your team, developing a rhythm of activity, and being accountable to each other will help ensure you are the right shape for the journey.

Remember - to refresh you business, you need to refresh the people in it too.


It can be a difficult decision to hire a business consultant. Not only are there financial implications, but there can also be a feeling of losing control or loss of face.

We are partners with the Runagood™business advisor software. This massively reduces the cost of consultancy whilst still providing targeted and helpful support. If you then need additional help we can of course provide it.

How much is your company worth?

How much should it be worth?

How are you going to get there?

Most SMEs maybe know the answer to one, or even none of these questions.

Find out how the use of artificial intelligence can provide an innovative framework to grow your company by attending one of our webinars. 

Who Are We?

We're a group of organisations connected using artificial intelligence to provide a framework for business valuation and support. Founded by Carl Benfield, an ex-army officer and entrepreneur we offer a blend of consultancy, training and coaching, particularly within the UK Midlands, to ensure that together, we develop the right solution AND deliver it effectively.

Deep Integration

Carl has been absolutely brilliant and the timing was spot on for us. We were not in the driving seat of our own business. At the point where we needed some positive action on an operational level but entrenched thinking and ways of working were preventing us from moving forward, Carl has provided the tool for change we were looking for, and his energy and enthusiasm for our business has been amazing. The real value has been the insight that comes from having someone living and breathing your business day in day out. In a few weeks Carl has become part of the team and everyone accepts him. He has been there to personally drive new ideas through that we would never have been able to get off the starting line before. Carl has given me a lot more confidence in our business and we are very much looking forward to his next project with us.

Rachel McLoughin ... Director - Syston Fencing

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