Sometimes stuff just happens.  Everything is going swimmingly and then you lose a member of staff, either permanently or temporarily. It's so tempting just to fill the slot straight away or try and cover it yourself, but neither tends to work out well in the end.

Parental leave

Be it maternity, paternity or adoption leave, we can help you be the caring employer you want to be without it causing a crisis.

Normally it's clear that one of your staff are going to take leave and we can liaise with them in advance to make sure we keep adding value whilst they're away, and to keep the seat warm for when they are ready to come back.

Critical loss

If someone leaves unexpectedly, it can be both traumatic emotionally and also financially.  Perhaps they took clients with them.  Maybe they were critical to your core operations. The effect can be severe and widespread. We'll help things stabilise whilst you hunt for the ideal fit, and may even be able to use our own extensive network to fill the slot for you.

Taking time for yourself

If you're having days when getting out of bed seems like a major task, then you may need to take a break. Burnout is worryingly common, and not something that can be fixed by a mini break.  Be kind to yourself - recognise the symptoms and realise that you will be doing neither yourself nor your business any good in the long term by avoiding the issue.   We can support your team in your absence or provide interim management to keep your company healthy and strong.

Who are we?

We're a team of professionals who get excited by making a difference. Our team is picked for their energy, experience, and ability to integrate with a wide range of character types.

We generally work remotely, but can also be office based, and we meet together as a team on a weekly basis.

Working both collaboratively and confidentially, we aim bring your business the boost it needs.

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