You may have used our operational support services for a while, but then you want to take everything to a new level.  This is where our consultancy service can help.  By taking a limited-period, focussed intervention, our consultants can help you understand what to work on in the next six to twelve months. Moreover, because our consultants work alongside other members of our team, we can ensure new strategies actually get executed rather than gathering dust in a shelf.

Chess board and chess pieces


Strategy always sounds like it needs to be complex and clever, when in fact good strategy is clear and simple.  It's just that getting to it can be a little tricky.

If you're finding yourself doing the same things over and over again and getting nowhere, then spending some time with one of our consultants may bring welcome relief as well as significantly improved business performance.


Being in charge can be a very lonely existence.  Your carrying the hopes of the whole organisation and yet you may have no idea how to deliver them. This "imposter syndrome" is almost universal amongst business leaders at some point in their career, so you're not alone.  But there are plenty of tools and techniques available to give you the confidence to be the leader that everyone needs.


If you've ever seen a rowing "eight" on the water, you'll know the sound the boat makes when everyone is pulling together.  That's the (metaphorical) sound we want your business to make as it surges forward in an exhilarating drive to success.

But that never happens without training, communication and an understanding of how plans can be executed on a daily basis.

If this sounds exciting, then give us a call and we can talk through how to get things moving.

Who are we?

We're a team of professionals who get excited by making a difference. Our team is picked for their energy, experience, and ability to integrate with a wide range of character types.

We generally work remotely, but can also be office based, and we meet together as a team on a weekly basis.

Working both collaboratively and confidentially, we aim bring your business the boost it needs.

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