The Evolution of Business Support Services


Tax returns

Management reporting

HR Support


Payroll and auro enrolment


You may be providing one or more of the wide sweep of these business support services, but how do you develop further?


Firstly, acknowledge the good work you've done. You have allowed SMEs to focus on what they are good at, whilst you carefully make sure the stuff that needs organising gets organised.
You may or may not get thanked for all of this, but we all know how valuable it is.


When you've curated a broad spread of services to support your clients, you may be wondering what else you can sensibly do without completely re-inventing the wheel.
Well we believe we may have the answer, and one that will more than pay for itself, but without causing the wheels to fall off your particular wagon.


When we hear "Artificial Intelligence", we conjure up images of computers gone bad.  But really it can be summed up as "Using human reasoning as a model but not necessarily as the end goal". This is where the investment is happening, and it can help you - by doing some of the heavy lifting with numbers so allow faster results.

Who Are We?

We're a group of organisations connected using artificial intelligence to provide a framework for business valuation and support. Founded by Carl Benfield, an ex-army officer and entrepreneur we offer a blend of consultancy, training and coaching, particularly within the UK Midlands, to ensure that together, we develop the right solution AND deliver it effectively.

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