Accountancy Is Changing

The world of accountancy is changing.  Once a stable, steady and reliable sector, it has now been heavily disrupted from an unexpected source.  Online software such as Xero, Quickbooks and Freeagent have meant that clients are taking more responsibility for their figures and needing less compliance-based input from their accountant.  We can help you fight back with disruptive software of our own that will allow you to broaden your offering without completely restructuring your business.


Whilst you may feel you are scrabbling around trying to stem the tide of reducing fees, take a moment to consider the strengths of your business.  A large percentage of your clients will trust you more than anyone else to understand their numbers.


First impressions count, and our software will make an immediate difference to how the client perceives their company and its potential. Using valuation as a base from which to measure improvement, it will also help deliver focussed, sensible support using a mixture of consultancy, coaching and mentoring.


You can decide to offer this service to just your key accounts, and service them yourself, or alternatively use our pool of trained consultants to provide the service on your behalf to all of your clients whilst still retaining full control. Your clients will be getting more of the attention they deserve whilst getting incredible value for money, so it's a win-win.

Who Are We?

We're a group of organisations connected using artificial intelligence to provide a framework for business valuation and support. Founded by Carl Benfield, an ex-army officer and entrepreneur we offer a blend of consultancy, training and coaching, particularly within the UK Midlands, to ensure that together, we develop the right solution AND deliver it effectively.

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