"The Company Without A Strategy Is Willing To Try Anything"
-Michael Porter

What's your next move?

Most companies have a set of goals. But how were these derived? Do they fit within the current state of the economy? Even a cursory check of these is time well spent.

If you're not quite sure how to get to your chosen goals, you're not alone.  25% of SMEs in the UK don't even have a business plan, and those that do often don't refer to it. Strategic planning mitigates risk.

"What happens if we train people and they leave?" 

"What happens if we don't and they stay?" 

We can provide focussed  training help your team deliver the change you need.

Once you have a strategic plan, how do you execute it?  

How do you stop the noise of the everyday from getting in the way of progress?

How do you develop a culture that ensures everyone is driving in the same direction?

Creating a winning strategy

To create a winning strategy with you, we need to work through the following areas:

  • The economic context of the market in which you are operating
  • Development of a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Understanding and quantifying the balance of risk and opportunity

For some this can seem quite daunting, but our business model is that we undertake the effort whilst you run the company.

Worried we won't stop pestering?

We're not a telesales company or high-pressure marketeer.  

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