If it ain’t broke…..its an ideal time to digitise

We all know the expression “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  It seems hard-wired into our psyche that we can continue doing what we’ve always done.

Like Nokia did with their ultra-reliable handsets.

Like blockbuster did with video an DVD rental.

Even, and especially with SMEs , not taking time to adjust is one of the largest risk factors in running a business, because, by the time you have realised things have changed, it’s too late.

There is a great deal of talk about digitisation, but much of this falls on deaf ears as can be seen from the very slow uptake of UK companies to be ready for Making Tax Digital (MTD).  But just like health and safety policy can actually improve your company’s resilience and competitiveness, digitisation can be embraced as a real business improvement.

But What Is It?

It’s actually very simple – essentially converting all of your information to something that is read on a computer, mobile or tablet.  This will not be news to most companies, but the way in which this is stored, transferred and interrogated has changed markedly in the last few years.  This is not a technical post, so I’ll resist the temptation to get geeky.  So just imagine your team knowing each other’s activities and inputs, being able to seamlessly take over a job when a team member is sick, adding value by observing a better way to do the work.  Knowledge is no longer power. The value comes in the intelligently applied effort, and the cultural change required to achieve this can be immense.

So What Now?

If this seems daunting, it can be.  A move to becoming more digitised should be well planned with lots of time given to training.  There is, therefore, a cost involved (hence the reason to do it when things ain’t broke), but ultimately the health of the company will depend upon it.