Getting on the log

Way way back when I was undertaking officer training at Sandhurst I have a vivid memory of doing a log run.  In this pre-cursor to “fun” events like Tough Mudder, a team of people put a log on their shoulders and go running off into the local countryside.  It is a test of physical endurance, but more importantly, it’s a test of teamwork.  Very quickly the temptation is to give up, to become a “slacker” as the Army so aptly puts it.

Fast forward twenty-odd years and I found myself running a company.  After the initial flurry of excitement and anticipation of becoming the next millionaire, it soon turned into something of a slog.  Despite having a cohesive and committed team, we started to lose site of the purpose and were unsure of our direction.   We tried lots of different ideas to keep the Company going and were even fortunate to get investment, but in the end, it seemed that nothing and nobody could help.

Back to Sandhurst, the key moment came when one of our team, Fergus, who was to go on to join the Parachute Regiment, got on the back of the log.  Well, when I say “got on”, it would be an understatement.  You see Fergus had spent some time off the log, bringing up the rear and so was (relatively) fresh. He knew what it was like on the log, he could see how our team was starting to under-perform, and at that moment he launched his considerable energy at the five-metre long chunk of wood.  The effect was startling.  Not only did the log surge forward, but the whole team suddenly came to life; there was a renewed chance that things would be ok and we would get to the end in one piece.

We started Refresh Business to be like Fergus was in that moment. We’ve seen how tough business can be and we want to use that experience and training to help you with your situation. So if you need a boost, give us a call, we’d love to see how we can help.